Detecting Broken Links

Detecting Broken Links

The inaccessible links are in the beginning, the increase of numbers is not welcomed by google and it is a very negative situation in terms of seo. If you need to delete previous topics on your internet site, you can take advantage of our suggestion to detect connection errors caused by software and to make these mistakes. These tools will check your site for broken links as well as external links on your site.

I do not use W3C site just for code verification, I found another service today while W3c is around, it is very nice and also free. This service analyzes connection exits on your site and helps determine whether there are connections that can not be reached
In addition to the html verification system, the tool that identifies non-working links should be among the most commonly used.

How to find broken links?

You can use to scan in this domain. If you are using a WordPress-based blurry site, you can use the extension.

You can also do a detailed scan with the Xenu program, which is an in-site error scanning software

Other online query tools that might work:

The site at is also doing a very successful scan. We recommend.

Backlink win with broken links

It is possible to increase the quality of your home page by using the sub-pages you have previously deleted from the server for whatever reason.

Once you have found forty links, you can use them to go to the main page or 301 to direct them to the relevant page. So you have done the process of backlinking your links which are not reachable in ‘broken link building’ in foreign sites.
Let’s imagine that the previously published content is no longer available. This deleted page (s) may have a high authority rating. This is the result you need to be. If you make a list of your inaccessible sub-pages and direct them to the main page with high page authority values, you will strengthen your home page.
First, make a list of your deleted pages giving you a crawl error. (If this list does not exist at your disposal
Scan individually with Domain and Page authority control tools
Route your high-caliber pages from 301 to the main page, which are located in inaccessible backlinks.

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